Freestanding Twin Tank Gas Fryers

Freestanding Twin Tank Gas Fryers give you the ability to cook large quantities in a quick time. Having two tanks allows you to cook vegetarian options away from meat options. Our wide range includes the most respected brands: LINCATBLUE SEALFALCONELECTROLUX PROFESSIONALPARRYPITCO, all for unbeatable prices.

Our comprehensive range means we have a solution to complement any commercial catering establishment wishing to fry large quantities. Freestanding twin tank gas fryers are robustly constructed to deal the day to day rigours of a busy commercial kitchen whitest keeping up with the busy serving periods making them the choice for any chip shop, restaurant or canteen.

Whilst gas fryers are more accessible for establishments that do not have 3 phase electric, note all gas appliances need extraction and gas interlock to comply with UK regulations. Please click here to view our range of extraction systems. Commercial electric fryers are often the desired choice in commercial establishments with rapid heat up time by heating the oil directly making it more efficient with the element sat in the oil rather than heating up tubes. Click here to view our range of commercial electric fryers.

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Showing all 15 results