Traditional Wood Fired Ovens

Superb Quality Traditional Wood Fired Pizza Ovens. Not only do they look fantastic but they are also top quality, efficient, extremely reliable and all are available at an affordable price with leasing available!

Bring the taste, look and authentic pizza from Italy to your business with AS Term’s wood fired pizza ovens. AS Term have combined the traditional manufacture of the pizza oven with modern technologies to bring to you a commercial pizza oven where your customers can not only enjoy their pizza but the oven too! The extreme heat in the wood oven baking chamber means the pizzas are ready in no time and your toppings will hold their natural ingredients and nutrients.

With the demand for authentic pizzas becoming increasing popular it’s important you stand out from the crowd! Within the range we offer silicone finishes with the option of colours pretty much unlimited, red brick finish, black metal finish with an arc opening or Mosaic and pebble finishes with optional colours.

Other options in the range include static or rotating pizza oven bases. The rotating base is speed adjustable and reversible making them perfect for less experienced chefs or where a high output is required. A classic static base is ideal for the traditional pizza master where the pizzas are manually rotated around the baking

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Showing all 12 results