Sous Vide Cooking

Sous-Vide, which means “under vacuum” in French, is the process of sealing food in a bag using a commercial vacuum pack machine then cooking it to a very precise temperature in a water bath. By doing this it is possible to achieve cooking results unachievable in other cooking methods, standard practice would recommend that a steak cooked under Sous-Vide would lose much less shrinkage and need only be branded once cooked to give it the authentic look.

Sous-Vide cooking utilises precise temperature control with water circulation to produce top quality tasty results. Most conventional cooking methods don’t offer you control over the heat of the product itself, food ends up overcooked on the outside and chewier, dry in texture. With the precise temperature control of Sous-Vide you can cook consistently, locking in the foods juices ensuring it is tastier whilst reducing wastage of the product itself with traditional cooking methods reducing steak up to 40%, Sous-Vide loses none.

With several options on the market including hand held models, which can be clipped onto a variety of pans essentially turning anything into a water bath. To the bigger models capable of taking larger quantities of product.

Sous-Vide cooking has been popular in restaurants as it allows the chef to evenly cooking the most tender meat with minimal effort. This method of cooking uses vacuum sealed food in a water bath or steam environment the food is cooked between 1 and 48 hours at an accurately regulated temperature, which is much lower than normally used for cooking, this is typically around 55-60°C for meat.

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