350mm Basket / 12 Pint Glasswashers

Cater-Kwik Ireland supplies a range of undercounter 12 pint glasswashers.

The commercial glasswasher is the means of maintaining a good quality finish to glasses. Whatever you are serving in your glassware whether it is wines, spirits or beer, the cleanliness and quality of your glassware will leave a lasting impression on your customer.

Cater-Wash Glasswashers have been produced to the highest levels of quality since 1970 using only the most reliable mechanical components available, with no printed circuit boards.

Cater-Wash’s 12 pint (350mm basket glasswashers), designed and built by one of Italy’s best regarded manufacturers use only the most reliable, tried and tested components and materials available.

Cater-Wash’s 350mm basket glasswashers deliver unstinting reliability, outstanding commercial performance, exceptionally economical operation and by buying in bulk direct from the factory our Cater-Wash glasswashers represent genuinely unbeatable value.

We also offer a full range of Glasswasher accessories, detergents, water softeners and spare parts to support our product range. Our Glasswashers are covered by a 1 year parts warranty supported by our fully trained in-house engineers.

Each Cater-Wash Glasswasher is supplied with 1 350mm Tray.

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Showing all 11 results