Reverse Osmosis Washers

Caterkwik supplies Reverse Osmosis Dishwashers and Glasswashers with the option to buy or lease.

Reverse osmosis process is the optimum way of getting the perfect wash water. The process uses pressurised water that passes through a semi-permeable membrane. This prevents almost all unwanted minerals and ions from dirtying the glasses.

Reverse Osmosis machines are  ideal for the business who wants to have that perfect shine. Given time all glasses and utensils become dull and have small streaks & residue due to minerals in the water. This adds to costs with staff having to polish to make them presentable again. Even with a water softener glasses will become dull over time.

A reverse osmosis machine can almost guarantee a crystal clear shine after every wash, which frees up staff to do more important things. There is no need for a water softener, reverse osmosis prevents limescale from entering your machine. This will help with life expectancy & engineering bills to descale the unit.

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Showing all 4 results