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The Cater-Wash CK2420 Professional Plus Laundry Detergent is the ultimate in all round professional laundry powder and is ideal for use with the Cater-Wash range of washing machines. Its phosphate free formula offers powerful cleaning and stain removal even at low temperatures, with proven results from the smallest domestic machine to the largest industrial tunnel washer.

Professional Plus Laundry Detergent Features:

  • Free flowing white powder with blue flecks.
  • Comprehensive, top of the range modern formula offers incredible results, even at low temperatures.
  • Fully built multi-ingredient formulation for total professional laundry action.
  • Brilliant whiteness and brightness.
  • Fresh cologne fragrance.
  • Outstanding performance, quality and value with automatic powder injection system.


The Cater-Wash Professional Plus Laundry Detergent is designed to be used as a single shot product for exceptional results on tunnels and water extractors, formulated for both manual and automatic feed through the powder dosing unit. It is free flowing through machine dosing hoppers.

DOSAGE INSTRUCTIONS (per 1kg of dry weight laundry):
  • Light soiling – 10g (soft water) or 15g (hard water).
  • Medium soiling – 15g (soft water) or 20g (hard water).
  • Heavy soiling – 20g (soft water) or 25g (hard water).

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