Cater-Wash Rug Wash & Reproof Package Deal – CK7007CK7468

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Whether you need to wash your own horses rugs or you own a rug wash business the Cater-Wash Rug Wash & Reproof Package deal will give you fantastic results every wash! The package deal includes Cater-Wash 10 Litre tub Ecowash Equine rug wash which is formulated to break down natural oil and grease from the horse rugs and Cater-Wash 10 litre Repel Rug reproof, a highly durable reproof liquid which gets added to the final wash.

Features of Cater-Wash Ecowash Equine Rug Wash CK7007 – 10 litre.

  • Biodegradable concentrated main wash detergent liquid.
  • Suitable for low or high temperature washing.
  • A surfactant blend detergent suitable for all fabric types.
  • Fresh linen fragrance.

How to use:

Cater-Wash rug wash detergent is specially formulated to break down oils and grease off the rugs. The rug wash is suitable for high or low temperature washing given you fantastic results each time.

Cater-Wash water repellent finishing agent for reproofing rugs or outdoor workwear provides a durable finish at incredible value compared to other commercial brands.

Features of Cater-Wash Repel Rug Reproof CK7468 – 10Litre.

  • Highly durable.
  • Suitable for horse rugs, coats and other outdoor workwear.
  • For use in the final rinse.
  • Incredible value.

How to use:
Cater-Wash Repel Rug Reproof is flexible so you can choose whether you want to add it manually to the rug or in the final wash.

  1. The rug needs to be clean before applying. (No need to dry before reproofing)
  2. For machine washing apply 100-500ml per rug for the final rinse cycle.
  3. Leave the item to air dry so the reproof can stick to the rug.

Alternatively to manually apply.

  1. Dilute the reproofer 1:1 with water.
  2. Spray or brush onto the rug.
  3. Make sure application is thorough and even.

Once you have washed and reproofed turnout/ New Zealand rugs we recommend the rug is hung up to dry naturally or using a rug drying rail.

Of course if you cannot see what you want, please call our office today and a member of our team will be happy to help. Caterkwik Ireland also offers finance options on any orders over €1000, letting you get the kit you need whilst keeping your capital free.

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