Rational iVario Pro XL Intelligent Cooking System – 150 Litre Capacity

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Rational iVario Pro XL cooking systems ramp up kitchen productivity to the max. With multiple programs & assistants designed to not only make kitchen life easier, but help you reduce cooking times and energy costs while still maintaining the highest standard of cooking. Equipped with a core probe for precise mid-cooking measurements and built with Rational’s intuitive control system, pairing your iVario and your iCombi together as a living breathing kitchen. Whether you are deep frying, or preparing bulk meals, the iVario steps up to replace numerous conventional appliances.

Rational iVario Pro 2-XS

Because flexibility within the modern kitchen is key to unleashing full potential, having the ability to cook multiple dishes at once greatly reduces the need for extra pots, pans and utensils. iZoneControl has the power to divide the pan up to 4 ways, giving you the freedom you need. Whether you need to cook different sizes or completely different dishes either simultaneously or on a time delay. Making use of the included core temperature probe effortlessly allows you to produce consistent, delicious results every time.

Rational iVario Pro 2-XS

iCookingSuite is the iVario’s inbuilt assistant. Designed to intelligently monitor and adjust the cooking process to output perfect results time after time. This assistant also learns over time by adapting to your cooking habits and only alerts you when action is needed. iCookingSuite not only monitors temperature and time, the AutoLift function will automatically remove your product from the pan once the cooking cycle is complete. Intelligent automation at it’s finest.

Rational iVario Pro 2-XS

iVarioBoost is the turbo of the iVario cooking centre, slow heating response time and inconsistent temperature are the bane of any kitchen. With a combination of ceramic heating elements and fast-response, scratch-resistant pan bases, iVarioBoost pushes power to where it’s needed, giving you super fast and accurate heat distribution. iVarioBoost’s integrated energy management system still consumes far less than convectional cooking methods. Utilising these power reserves allows you to quickly sear meat without a noticeable temperature drop due to cold products being added.

Rational iVario Pro XL Features:

  • Multiple cooking functions, allowing the iVario to replace multiple cooking methods.
    (pressure cooking, frying, deep frying, griddle cooking, bain marie function)
  • Intelligent cooking.
  • Up to 4 zone cooking for greater productivity.
  • Intelligent temperature management.
  • Central dial with push function for intuitive selection.
  • Core temperature probe for greater accuracy.
  • AutoLift for helpful automation.
  • Energy saving – low power consumption.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Connected cooking – Built in WiFi.
  • Cool to touch – Insulated pan edges.

Meals per day: 100-500.

Effective volume: 150 Litres.

This comes as standard with the substructure with plastic feet. Other variations available including castors, and electric height adjustment.

2 Years Parts and Labour Warranty

With an extensive range of Rational available there is something to suit everyone. Of course, if you cannot find what you are looking for please call our office today if you cannot find what you are looking for. A member of our team will be happy to help find the right solution for you. Also, did you know we offer finance on orders over €1000 +VAT. Call our office today to find out more.

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Additional information

Weight 236 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) 894 × 1365 × 1078 mm


Connected load: 41kW (34kW balanced power option)

Electrical supply: 400V, 50Hz, Three phase. 63A (50A balanced power option)

Water inlet: R 3/4″
Water outlet: DN 50

Product Downloads

Rational iVario Pro XL Spec Sheet