Polar refrigeration has rapidly become a trusted, renowned brand with over 225,000 units sold across the world. Whether you are a small café or a large busy kitchen Polar have you covered. Not only do they have a vast range of back of house storage solutions but also offer a stylish range great for front of house.

As well as offering fridges, and freezers Polar also offers ice machines, bottle coolers, prep counters, blast chillers, chest freezers, display refrigeration, not to mention integral cold and freezer rooms. If you want it chilled or frozen, they have it.

To make it easy Polar have broken down their refrigeration into three main series. This includes the C-Series. Perfect for low demand environments where the unit will not be accessed on a regular basis.

Next up is their G-Series, great for demanding environments where it is accessed frequently, as well as being able to work in ambient temperatures of up to 32°C.

Finally, you have Polar’s pinnacle range of refrigeration their U-Series range. Designed to work in temperatures of up to 43°C this range is perfect for the highest demanding kitchens.