Blue Seal

Blue Seal are manufacturers of Heavy Duty modular cooking equipment. Renowned for it’s performance, power and build quality, with over 300 models in the range including the Evolution Series there is something for every kitchen. With the range including Cooktops, Induction Cooking, Oven Ranges, Target Tops, Griddles, Griddle Toasters, Chargrills, Salamanders, Deep Fryers, Bratt Pans and many more.

The highly popular Blue Seal Turbofan convection and combination ovens are packed with state of the art cooking methods. With the ability to cook, bake, and roast evenly every time using bi-directional fan systems, larger fans and high power motors to produce high volume airflow performance. The Turbofan oven chamber has an impervious sealed vitreous enamel coating applied to both sides of the oven liner, giving the chamber itself higher durability whilst still being easy to clean.

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