Cater-Wash CK8098- Inlet/ Outlet tabling Left in – Width 1100mm

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CK8098 can be used to make your washing up area run smoothly. Cater-Wash passthrough tabling comes in a range of different sizes and left hand or right hand arrangements to suit you. Please call our sales team on advise on the best tabling solutions to optimise your work space.

For your passthrough dishwasher you need an Inlet table which is used for dirty pots or commonly called the “dirties table” and an outlet table for the clean pots to be put away. The passthrough dishwasher system can be set up as a straight line or a corner installation.

Cater-Wash passthrough tabling features:

• A robust sturdy design
• High quality 304 stainless steel. Making them durable and rust proof!
• Compatible with a range of passthrough dishwashers.
• Comes with a bracket for a sturdy structure.
• Flat packed for easy access and simple construction.
• Fitted with runners allowing racks to slide smoothly.
• Available from stock.

Additional information

Dimensions 1100 × 600 × 925 mm