Cater-Wash Chlorinated Glasswash Detergent 4 x 5l – CK0080

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Cater-Wash CK0080 chlorinated glasswash detergent decontaminates glasses and removes the proteins and soils that build up on the glass over a period of time. These contaminates have a detrimental effect on the presentation of drinks and are often the reason for poor head retention (Flat Beer).

Please be aware this is not ideal for greasy products however is perfect to remove stubborn stains.

Chlorine based products have long been employed to periodically renovate glasses. Using our new Cater-Wash CK0080 chlorinated Glass-wash means your glassware benefits from continuous renovation as this specially formulated product restores and then maintains your glassware keeping it in excellent condition.

Any one of these signs below indicates that a renovating process (such as using Cater-Wash chlorinated glass wash detergent) should be carried out:

  • Take a moist white serviette and wipe the inside of a supposedly clean pint glass. If there is a brown deposit showing then there is a protein build up on the glass.
  • Turn a pint glass upside down and look at the outer ring on the base. Poor results will be magnified and show up as a brown ‘halo’.
  • If there is a film of bubbles on the inside of a pint glass then it is a sure sign that the glass is not clean. The bubbles will only stick to an impurity.
  • If glass shows a ‘raindrop’ effect immediately after the glass-washer has completed its cycle.

Glass Washer

• Wild yeast – Look for beige or even a black film or deposit (build-up of growing yeast cells) around the door and door hinges. If this exists then it will transfer to all of the glasses and give poor results. The chlorine based glass wash will also serve to sterilize the cabinet of the glass washer.

This detergent will also sterilise the inside of the cabinet of the Glass-wash even allowing the use of lower wash and rinse temperatures thus saving energy and in some machines speeding up the wash cycle.

Chlorinated glass-wash is an extremely effective antimicrobial and sanitizing agent. The chlorine will maintain the wash water and keep a low microbiological count. This means no bacteria can form in the water and the glasses will not be contaminated. Chlorine can also help defend against the build-up of bio-films (a layer of bacteria and other micro-organisms) around the inside of the glass-washer.

It may take up to 5 washes before the detergent is primed and has entered the tank wash.
There may be an aroma of chlorine, but there should not be any chemicals left on the glass (if Glass washer is operating correctly). Please note the smell of chlorine will reduce as the glasses become clean.

The detergent should be left on the machine until the glasses are clean and the water sheets off the glass i.e. no raindrops. It may take several days to ensure all your glasses are clean.

Our Cater-Wash can be used along-side your preferred rinse aid. The chlorinated detergent needs softened water to work effectively.

(Chlorinated detergent is not for use with the Cater-Wash CK2575 or Electrolux Zero Lime Pass through dishwashers).

Price for 4 x 5L Bottles.

Compliment your chlorinated glasswash detergent with the  CK0021 Cater-wash rinse aid available at an exclusive price when bought with the detergent.

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