Cater-Wash CK8518 18kg Heavy Duty Washing Machine

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Built by one of the largest most respected manufacturers in the world the Cater-Wash CK8518 offers outstanding performance, efficiency and reliability. With and 18kg capacity you can wash large bulky items such as duvets or wash more items in a single load.

The Cater-Wash CK8518 washing machine features:

HUGE 18kg capacity with a small footprint.
• Spin speed selection up to 1300rpm.
Add a garment – Press the add a garment button once to pause the washer. the door will take a few seconds to unlock and then allow you to add something to the wash. you can then start the washer again from where the wash was paused.
• LED display with a time remaining indicator.
• Front load design.
• 10 pre set wash cycles which include a variety of fabric specific settings.
Quick wash – 50 minutes.
Child lock – for added safety.
• Runs of a 13 amp plug and cold water feed for easy installation. By heating its own water the machine will always reach an accurate temperature to dissolve your detergent instead of relying on the temperature of your hot water.
• Vibration control features to ensure quiet operation and balanced washes even when spinning.
• Two suspension springs and four dampers provide maximum off-balance load protection with minimal vibration transfer to the floor.
• The large drum is made from high quality stainless steel to cope with high temperatures and high spin speeds. The drum is shaped to move the laundry around so all items get washed properly.
• Shock absorbing legs.
• Drain pump for easy installation with a drain filter which collects any debris.
Stain removal guide – this is pre programmed with the ideal wash and rinse settings to tackle five common stains.
Extended tumble – Freshly tumbles you garments periodically for up to 8 hours after the wash cycle is complete to lessen the setting of creases when you are not able to move the items from the washer to the dryer straight away.
• Grey exterior finish.
• End of cycle alerts the user when the cycle is done, saving time between loads. Signal volume can be adjusted.
• Built in service test mode.

Wash features:

Add steam – allows you to add steam to certain cycles to assist with loosening stains.
Soil selection – Change the soil level on each wash depending on how dirty the items are. This increases/ decreases the wash time so if something is not heavily soiled you can save water by putting it on a lighter wash.
Temperature selection – Adjust the temperature between 20, 30, 40, 60 and 75°C.
My cycle – Save your favourite cycle to ensure same results every time whoever you are instructing to use the washing machine.
Pre-wash – this is an extra wash before the main wash. There is a separate compartment in the detergent draw for you to add pre-wash detergent. This is always a cold wash.
Time saver – Use this to reduce the overall wash time by at least 5%.
Delay the wash – up to 24 hours. You can use this to start your washing machine during the night when water and electric might be cheaper or time your washer to finish upon your return to ensure the laundry is not left damp in the machine.
Extra rinse.

• 120 litre volume capacity.

• 532 g-force.

12 Months Parts Warranty.

The Cater-Wash CK8518 Includes 30 Day money back guarantee.

Additional information

Weight 102 kg
Dimensions 686 × 853 × 1010 mm


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13 amp plug

Packed Dimensions: W760 x D912 x H1102mm
Drum diameter: 563mm
Drum Depth: 485mm

Drain hose diameter 1″


Product Downloads

CK8518 Specification Sheet

CK8518 18kg Washing Machine Maual

CK8518 Service & Parts Manual

CK8518 Exploded Diagram

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