Cater-Wash CK0485 500mm Basket Commercial Glasswasher – Drain Pump

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The Cater-Wash Jolly CK0485 25 pint, 500mm glasswasher with Drain Pump & Detergent Pump offers high quality Italian manufacturing for a fraction of the price. As our own branded glasswasher, this commercial model has been manufactured to our own standards, benefiting from our own expertise and knowledge within the commercial catering industry. Glasswashers like the Cater-Wash CK0485 are well regarded as no-frills, highly efficient workhorses, perfect for any commercial kitchen that needs a durable glasswasher, that you can rely on.

• Italian design & manufacturing.
• Stainless Steel AISI304 construction.
• Fitted with a 13A UK plug.
• 500mm baskets; supplied with 1 flat & 1 pegged.
• Automatic detergent & rinse aid dispensers as STANDARD.
• Powerful wash pump for maximum performance, wash after wash.
• High performance wash arms and wash jets cut through baked on food.
• Interlock system ensures correct operating temperature is reached prior to the machine starting ensuring consistent cleaning and rinsing performance.
• Easy to use.
• Wash & rinse arms are easy to remove & clean.
• Easily removable filters keep the machine running at peak performance.
• Efficient elements that directly heat the water.
• Boiler equipped with safety thermostat.
• Rinse water boiler incorporate internal baffles preventing the rinse temperature from dropping off too quickly, for a consistent rinse temperature and performance.

• Tank Capacity: 29 litres.
• Boiler capacity: 6 litres.
• Hot or cold fill.
• Capacity: up to 30 racks per hour – 2 minute cycle.
• Wash temp. 53°C / Rinse temp. 85°C
• 320mm glass clearance.
• Optional Stands: Low Stand (Height 500mm), Tall Stand (Height 650mm).

Additional information

Weight 50 kg
Dimensions 590 × 600 × 814 mm



UK plug supplied. (230v-50Hz).
Wash Pump Power: 0.75Kw.
Boiler element: 2.7Kw.
Tank element: 2.2Kw.
Total power rating: 2.95Kw.


External break tank required for category 5 protection.
Water pressure: 2-4 Bar.
Water supply hose: 25mm (3/4″).