Cater-Mix CK0820 20 Litre Planetary Mixer

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Designed with the customer in mind, the Cater-Mix CK0820 20 Litre Heavy Duty Planetary Mixer offers top quality, professional, performance coupled with ease of use. Our own branded planetary mixers have been selectively sourced to provide excellent ergonomics, reliability and cost effectiveness to provide our customer with a mixer they’re happy with. The Cater-Mix CK0820 is Supplied with a stainless steel mixing bowl plus wire whisk, beater and dough hook attachments, to ensure they are versatile and flexible for any food preparation, ideal for regular use in bakeries, pizzerias, restaurants and more.

• High volume, versatile planetary mixer.
• Heavy duty 20 litre stainless steel bowl.
• Three speed settings for mixing, blending and whisking.
• Easy to operate, clean and maintain.
• Designed for long lasting, top quality performance in heavy duty commercial environments.
• Supplied complete with wire whisk, beater & dough hook attachments.
• Attachments:
– Wire Whisk – the whisk is ideal for quickly whipping cream or beating eggs. The whisk works best when used at the high speed setting.
– Beater – the beater attachment is commonly used for blending thin batters, cake mixtures and mashing potatoes, and is best used at medium speed.
– Dough Hook – the dough arm is used for mixing sticky ingredients like heavy bread dough or pizza dough, and should be used at low speed.

• Kneading Capacity: 5kg.
• Bowl Capacity: 20 litres.
• Mixing speeds: mixing – 110 rpm, blending – 178 rpm, whisking – 355 rpm.

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Weight 107 kg
Dimensions 496 × 530 × 780 mm


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1.1kw, 230-240V, Plug supplied.


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Cater-Mix CK0820 20 Litre Planetary Mixer