Cater-Clean CK9500 Multi-Purpose Cleaner – 6 Bottles MULTIBUY

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Cater-Clean’s Multi-purpose cleaning spray is not only fast acting and extremely tough on dirt, it is also non-caustic, food safe & anti-bacterial, perfect for use in any commercial kitchen, as well as any other place you need rid of dirt! From dirty counter-tops and cook lines to built up grease and grime on your appliances, it’s impressive power and versatility gives you the power to clean glass, ceramic and stainless steel surfaces with fantastic end results.

It’s Alcohol & Fume free design also makes for easy, worry free cleaning without the need for protective clothing.

Product Features:
• Anti-Bacterial
• Anti-Fungal
• Anti-Viral
• Alcohol Free
• Biodegradable
• Non-Flammable
• Fume free


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