Lelit GIULIETTA PL2S – 2 Group Semi Automatic Espresso Machine – CK9725

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Built with functionality and aesthetics in mind Lelit have created the perfect high quality bar machine. The GIULIETTA is a top performing espresso machine with an extreamly uncluttered design, ideal for most classic and elegant cafes that make up to 400 espressos per hour.

Lelits philosophy…

GEMME Italian producers is an Italian independent Manufacturer of espresso machines that been producing high quality espresso machines and grinders under the Lelit brand for more that 20 years.

The company was founded by Mr Edorado Epis and is now ruled by four brothers, each one with a precise and different key role in the company. The name GEMME is, in fact, the reflection on the new property: G for Giorgio, E for Emanuele, M for Marco, M for Mauro and E for Epis!

All Lelit espresso machine and grinders are the result of Italian creativity and technology. Lelit commit themselves in producing equipment with great attention to quality and details. This is what made in Italy stands for and is what made these products renowned all over the world

Lelit research and development department cooperates with external designers to create beautiful, ergonomic machines that grant a more and more enchanting and gratifying experience. Lelit machines are projected with: 1 st class components, functional design, details care and high technology.

Giulietta is the most suitable machine for those bars and pubs that don’t want to compromise on the espresso quality for their clients. A machine of exceptional performances that does not envy anything to its bigger sisters from the competition, present in the bars. Thanks to the concentrate of the best componants and available materials, Giulietta is the ideal partner for those who want to amaze the clients with espressos and cappuccinos of the highest quality.

When developing the Machine Lelit kept in mind the the original Espresso italiano 30ml coffee based beverage, extracted in 25 seconds through a 90°C group head under a pressure of 9 bars. This ensures Baristas can delicate their whole attention to the remaining Ms: blend, quality, grinding setting, tamping strength and machine maintenance.

• Copper boiler with a large capacity to satisfy the needs of a large number of clients.
• The heat exchanger inside guarantees temperature stability, providing steady brew water and steam for coffees, teas and cappuccinos. Even at the peak morning rush.
• Professional semi – automatic espresso machine with a traditional design .
Fully stainless steel appliance body
• Thermo – siphon cycle system
• NSF groups with pre infusion, heated with therm- siphon cycle system.
• Boiler with transverse heat exchanges and front injectors
• E61 type group
• Anti-vacuum valve
• Double manometer (boiler pressure & pump pressure)
Steam & water wands
• delivers 4 espressos/ minute per group
• delivers 2 coffees/ minute (200ml) per group
• 60 cl/ minute of hot water
To be operated with ground coffee

Capacity: 10 litre copper boiler

Weight: 55 kg


“We are very happy with our purchase and the quality of espresso delivered is second to none…
We are very happy, so much so, that we will soon purchase a single group machine as well.”


“Having been used to expensive and unreliable fully automatic Brasilia machines, we’ve been delighted with our two new Lelit machines. In both pubs feedback has been positive and the quality of milk frothing has had a particular mention. Much better than before! The “Crema” and coffee in general has been first class and very consistent.”

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Weight 55 kg
Dimensions 580 × 450 × 490 mm